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Why Join Us?

At E.A.T Academics, we believe in educating the young minds of today through an EFFICIENT method at an affordable price, ensuring their goals are ACHIEVABLE.


Lastly, we believe that our services should be TRANSPARENT so that all students, parents or guardians can make an informed decision.

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Our Services


Learning a new language can be tricky and intimidating but learning through an engaging lessons can make it easier, more fun and more fruitful. Learn English from experts who are experienced in teaching. 


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Eliminating confusion and make studying more efficient. We provide an online platform that teaches students the most efficient methods of solving Mathematics questions that you are most likely going to encounter on your exam! 


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This is how E.A.T Academics benefits you!

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

Everything is stated on our website! Prices are fixed at a flat rate of $25/lesson

Efficient Learning

Our 1 hour class aims to ensure that no time is wasted during the lesson!

Convenience and Flexibility

Plan your schedule and learn remotely from the comfort of your home. You would not need to miss out on a holistic education !

Experienced Teachers

All teachers are University graduates who has a minimum teaching experience of  10 years.


To provide an efficient & transparent online education service at an affordable price.


Achievable results for all educational background.

Parent of Jasmine Lin

"Miss Sherlyn was an excellent teacher to my daughter. Through her conscientious preparation for my daughter's examination, she managed to score improve her grades by 30% in 4 months."

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Our Team

Lead Teacher (English)
Sherlyn Koh
Ms. Koh graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Business and Management) from the University of London, UK. She specializes in teaching English to both International and Local students. Ms. Koh is certified in TESOL and had taught English in a few International schools. She is currently pursuing a Masters-Doctorate in Business Administration awarded by Swiss School of Management to design and improve her organization for everyone to have a fair learning opportunity.

Ms. Koh believes that learning should be about customizing a structured approach to improve the English standards of her students and help them to excel in their examinations. Her approach of understanding and application have enabled more than 70% of her students to maintain an "A" grade over the decade she has been teaching.

Lead Teacher (Mathematics)
Lim Xiu Jing 
Ms. Lim graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Accounting and Finance) from the University of London, UK. She specializes in Singapore Primary and Secondary Mathematics and has been teaching both Local and International students for almost a decade.

With ample knowledge and a few innovative teaching methods, Ms. Lim believes that every student should have the opportunity to learn Mathematics using methods that resonates with them. With a specially curated lesson plan, Ms. Lim has guided more than 50 students over the years towards achieving excellent results in Mathematics. More than 80% of the students under her tutelage had achieved As in their examinations.

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