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Primary English 

Our English classes are structured to be efficient by covering as much knowledge as possible in the shortest time.  Our lessons are divided into three parts; Grammar, Vocabulary, and Comprehension.


Students would be introduced to one or two grammatical rules in detail for each grammar lesson, as well as how to apply them in everyday situations or their studies. Students will learn at least 20 new vocabulary words to add to their word bank. For comprehension, students will explore various approaches to challenging inference questions presented in passages.

Primary Creative Writing

To maximize efficiency in our creative writing classes, the first 10 minutes would be spent going through the most common errors made in their classmates' essays. In our lesson, students would explore new composition themes each week using a plot mountain template, and they would be encouraged to explore ideas and potential storylines.


Students will learn how to construct a captivating narrative by implementing descriptive language learned in this class.  Students will be given creative writing assignments each week, with the understanding that they would submit it during the following lesson.

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