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Here at E.A.T Academics, we believe in Transparency for Online Tuition.

Have a look at our most common questions below from other past and current students. If you can’t find the answer you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to get in touch to obtain the information you need.


 What curriculum do you use? 

 E.A.T Academics follows the Singapore English and Mathematics Syllabus in order to better prepare our students for the local educational system. Our curriculum also provides a quality learning experience for all students.

What subjects do you offer?

Currently, we are offering English and Mathematics group classes. Private classes can be arrange upon personal request.

 Are you accredited with any educational body?

 Currently, we are working on our accreditation status with Singapore’s Council for Private Education. For now, we are operating as a private tutoring service provider for both local and international students. 

 Are your teachers qualified?

 All of our teachers are university graduates with at least 10 years of tutoring experience.

What is your class size?

Our class size is between 2 to a maximum of 4 students.

 How are your lessons conducted?

 Our lessons are conducted via Zoom. Online materials will be sent to the students at least a week prior to the lesson.

What is the duration and frequency of the lessons?

 Each lesson is 1 hour which consist of a particular topic. You can decide which class you would like to attend. Do contact us for our recommendations.

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